Free Physical Therapy Camp at Al Umeed Rehabilitation Centre

Organized by
United College of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy students of UCPT, had recent experience at the ‘Al-Umeed Rehabilitation Centre on the account of World Physical Therapy Day, left an indelible mark on their journey toward becoming healthcare professionals. On this significant day, they organized and conducted a free physical therapy camp for disabled children, and the experience was nothing short of remarkable.
They were met with the resilience and determination of the children and their families, which served as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of physical therapy. Throughout the camp, they had the privilege of working closely with these inspiring youngsters, tailoring exercises and treatments to their unique needs.
The atmosphere was filled with hope, smiles, and a sense of achievement as we witnessed the children’s progress, no matter how small the steps might seem to some. The teamwork, compassion, and professional growth that this event provided them with are invaluable as they continue their studies and prepare for a career in physical therapy.
In every child’s journey toward recovery, they found motivation to strive for excellence in our field. This experience reaffirmed their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those who depend on us as a Physical Therapists for their rehabilitation and well-being.