World Mental Health Day

Wednesday | 20th Oct 2021
Organized at
United Medical & Dental College

On 20th Oct, 2021the Psychiatry department celebrated World Mental Health day in United Medical and Dental College. This day is celebrated in order to raise awareness of mental health issues among individuals.

The event started off with the recitation of the Holy Quran and then with a welcome note of Dr. Zaib un Nisa, head of the Psychiatry department at Creek General Hospital. It was followed by a performance of students depicting the stickiness of labels and how what society says stays with the mentally ill.

Dr. Naim Siddique, head of Psychiatry department at SIUT, visiting faculty of Aga khan university hospital, JPMC, and Civil Hospital… The President of Pakistan Psychiatric society talked about the, “Ignored Aspects of Health and Mental Health.” in his presentation.

The final year performed a skit regarding the population’s behavior towards the pandemic. In fact, showcasing that we are not ready to discuss mental health appropriately.

Prof. Dr. Sohail Ahmed who is a professor of the Psychiatry department at Ruth Fazai medical college and a member of the executive committee of Pakistan Psychiatric Society gave a presentation on, “Dos and Donts in Psychiatry.” Which was highly informative for the students present in the audience.

What followed was a spell-bound performance by students about suicide which showed how the grieved person should have been counseled.

Prof. Dr. Raza ur Rahman who is a meritorious Professor & ex-chairman of Psychiatry at Dow University of Health Sciences currently is head of the psychiatry department at Hamdard university and also leading the department of Medical education there… He shared his words of wisdom in the event regarding inequalities faced by mental health issues.
The event was honored by Prof Iqbal Afridi who is the chief guest of the event…
Then Dr. Zaib un Nisa’s book launch took place. Her book is titled Zindan. She gave a brief description of what was covered in it. Then Dean of UMDC Dr. Khalid Hassan Mahmood, Dr. Naim Siddique, Prof. Sohail Ahmed, prof.Iqbal Afridi and Prof. Raza Ur Rehman were invited up on stage to cut a cake alongside Dr. Zaib un Nisa celebrating the book launch.

At the end of the event, thank you note was given by the Dean. And shields were distributed to the guest speakers by Prof Iqbal Afridi and the dean. Followed by refreshments and certificate distribution.