Workshop on Statistical Package for Social Sciences & Data Analysis

Wednesday | 16th August 2023
Organized by
United College of Physical Therapy

The United College of Physical Therapy (UCPT) hosted an exceptional statistics workshop on August 16, 2023. Led by the esteemed Prof. Dr. Muhammad Athar Majeed Khan, Director of Research at LCMD, the workshop proved to be a remarkable learning experience for all participants. Under Prof. Khan’s guidance, participants gained a solid understanding of sample size determination, statistical test selection, and effective utilization of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The highlight of the workshop was the in-depth exploration of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), a widely employed tool in social science research. Despite its intricacies, Prof. Khan skillfully navigated through the functionalities of SPSS, ensuring even those with limited prior exposure could comprehend and utilize it effectively. His expertise, teaching style, and dedication to addressing attendees’ queries created an engaging and enriching learning environment. The practical exercises and real-world examples shared during the workshop further enhanced participants’ knowledge and equipped them with practical skills that can be applied to their own research projects. The workshop not only empowered attendees with practical skills but also instilled in them a newfound confidence to navigate the realm of statistical analysis proficiently.