Seminar on “Career Advancement and Challenges in Physical Rehabilitation”

Organized by
United College of Physical Therapy

Dr. Rana Siddiqui, a Rehabilitation Consultant from the Ministry of Health, Ontario, Canada, delivered a comprehensive seminar at United College of Physical Therapy on “Career Advancement and Challenges in Physical Rehabilitation.” She expertly navigated through the complexities of building a successful career, emphasizing opportunities both within Pakistan and abroad. Dr. Siddiqui provided invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities awaiting physical therapists in Pakistan, while also shedding light on the prospects of practicing overseas, particularly in Europe. Moreover, she delved into various postgraduate fields available for aspiring therapists, offering a roadmap for professional growth and specialization. Her guidance was both practical and empowering, equipping attendees with the knowledge needed to excel in the field of physical therapy, regardless of geographic boundaries.