Qawali Night

Friday | 8th Oct 2021
Organized at
United Medical & Dental College

Qawali night was arranged for the students on 8th October 2021. It was an evening full of splendor.

The students of the 2025 year hosted the show. The Dean of UMDC and the Principal of UCPT also graced the occasion with their presence and wholeheartedly enjoyed the mystical Qawalis.

Abu Muhammad & Farid Ayaz, who are eminent qawal of our country mesmerized the audience through their spell-bound performance.

It was simply a treat to hear the magical qawalis. After the straining session of studies, the Qawali was like a refreshing change.

The performance was followed by a buffet dinner and photography session. Students could be seen taking selfies and group photos to capture the moment. The Qawali night will be remembered by many in the years to come.