Physical Therapy Awareness Campaign in Different Educational Institutes

Thursday | 2nd September 2022
Organized at
United College of Physical Therapy

In honor of World Physical therapy Day, teams of students accompanied by faculty members visited various educational Institutes to spread awareness about Physical Therapy. Kiran Konain and Rohain Danish accompanied by Pushpa Lohana and Dr. Vinod Kumar visited The City School, and Areesha Fatima, Areej Mahnoor, Ramsha Ghufraan, Zainab, and Dr. Sumeet Kumar visited The Educators.

Students gave presentations and discussed the importance of physical therapy and activity with the students and teachers in attendance, also encouraging participation in therapeutic exercises and demonstrating easy-to-do stretching exercises. The students in attendance listened intently and learned about the work of a Physical Therapist with renewed interest, and left the campuses with feelings of pride in their profession and studies.