Open Day, 2022

Friday | 7th October 2022
Organized at
United College of Physical Therapy

The United College of Physical Therapy Open Day took off on a sunny Friday, 7th October 2022 with the students of different institutes attending, brewing with a mixture of anticipation and curiosity. The event commenced with Tilawat followed by a welcome address by Dr. Erum Tanveer, the Principal of UCPT. A presentation depicting the details of the campus and the degree was given by Vice Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar, along with a brief presentation on the Role of Physiotherapy by Student Ambassador Kiran Konain.

The event was expertly hosted by Nabeel and Elaf, with different segments involving an introductory speech by all six Student Ambassadors and a video depicting student life at UCPT. Soon afterward, a gaming session was arranged in the recreation room where the students enjoyed a glimpse of the potential life in UCPT, and were given a tour by the teachers and student volunteers.

The event ended successfully, with all the students feeling a sense of pride and joy in what we hope to be a newfound passion for them all.