Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Organized by
United College of Physical Therapy

Session of Martial Arts and self-defense was held at United College of physical Therapy, conducted by the AMA academy of martial arts on 17th October, 2023.

Undoubtedly, the extended display of self-defense tactics was the session’s high point. Students were exposed to the plethora of self-defense maneuvers under their guidance, this thorough approach was especially impressive since it let the attendees see how adaptable and practical martial arts are in everyday circumstances. The instructors’ expertise was clear as they expertly explained the procedures while highlighting the significance of control and precision.

One of the most noticeable features were the session’s interactive nature. The educators promoted active engagement from the students, fostering a welcoming and stimulating learning atmosphere.

The learning experience was made more enjoyable by the hands-on approach by the students, which also made sure that the participants had a practical understanding of the skills demonstrated. This consequently greatly increased the confidence of our students in using these self-defense techniques if necessary. It was an exceptional and informative event and provided a comprehensive overview of self-defense techniques while instilling the values of respect and discipline. The skilled instructors and the interactive nature of the session contributed to its immense success.